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I have a secret weapon for fat loss and I want to share it with you. This is the most powerful weapon you can have in your fat loss arsenal. This is the mascara in your make up bag, or the M-60 in your weapon collection if you are a dude. If you always have this weapon on hand and utilize it daily at specific times, you will increase your chances at fat loss in many situations where most people drop the ball.


So, are you ready to hear what it is?


It is………. the protein shake!


Yeah, I know….nothing incredibly exciting or sexy….instead, it’s quite simple.

Haven’t you heard that simple is the new black?

Here are 3 scenarios where protein shakes become your best weapon for fat loss.


Scenario 1a: You come home from work and you are starving and you forgot to thaw out the chicken you were going to cook for dinner. Now, you will have to wait an extra 20 minutes before you can even begin to cook your dinner.  You are so hungry that you grab for something to munch while you cook and after the munching and then your dinner, you ate more than your body needed. …not a great situation for fat loss.

Scenario 1b: You are feeling extra tough in the willpower dept. and think you can wait it out and don’t touch anything until your dinner is ready. You are so hungry by the time your dinner is ready that you eat way more than your usual serving size and take in more fuel than your body will use. …fat loss will not happen.

In the 2 scenarios above, you can avoid the sabotage to your fat loss goal by quickly mixing up some protein powder with some water or almond milk. Doing so will hold off your hunger and sustain your energy and focus to avoid any pitfalls. Most servings of protein powders are typically under 150 calories and have very few carbs so you won’t get a rise in blood sugar.  Most importantly, you won’t pick at the wrong things while waiting for your dinner and you wont eat a larger serving size than normal at dinner. Don’t rely on willpower alone! Will power only goes so far.

Scenario 2:  This is my personal favorite use for the protein shake as a fat loss weapon. You are about to go out to dinner at that restaurant that serves the most tempting complementary warm bread or even better, freshly made chips and salsa. You know that there will probably be a wait before you are seated and you are going with some people who will order yummy appetizers and the temptation is going to be super strong. Have a protein shake right before you leave the house. Better yet, have it in the car ride to the restaurant.  You WILL DEFINITELY EAT LESS at the restaurant and you will feel in control of temptation. You will be able to have some tastes of whatever you wish without completely overindulging. You will feel powerful in the situation instead of weak, nervous, or overly tempted.  The protein shake will stabilize your blood sugar and give you less room or hunger for over eating on any of the foods that are not fat loss friendly.

Scenario 3:  You work out in the morning but feel weak and shaky if you work out on an empty stomach but you don’t have enough time to make and eat breakfast or, you must workout right after work after 5pm and your last meal was at lunch around noon. The best workouts are fueled workouts. If too many hours have passed since your last meal, then absolutely have a shake before your workout. Protein shakes that are of low sugar and no more than 15 grams of carbohydrates provide just the right amount of fuel for your workouts and the amino acids in the protein are the building blocks of muscle adaptation and recovery for muscle synthesis.

Well, there you have it! My secret weapon for fat loss and the most important tool in keeping my H.E.C. in balance. (H=hunger, E=energy, and C=cravings)