LEMONS, LEMONS, LEMONS, when life gives you lemons, make….

YOU GOT IT!!!…but hold the sugar sweetie…

Lemons and fat loss? You have surely heard that lemons in your water help you to shed bloat and water weight. Kim and Kourtney Kardashian claim to coach each other to keep their weight in check by drinking hot water with lemon together as they sit and chat. You may have heard about celebrity juice cleanses and may have seen an episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills where one of the housewives, Yolanda Foster, talks about her passion (or obsession) for lemons because of how good she felt from doing a cleanse that incorporated lots and lots of lemon juice. Her zest for the clean life and lemons led to her planting an expansive orchard of lemon trees in her backyard. Eonline (the website for E Hollywood entertainment) hosts a short video clip of one of Hollywood’s top nutritionists, Kimberly Snyder, speaking about how she instructs her clients to drink the juice of 2 lemons every day.

Why the lemons? How can lemons aid in the fat loss lifestyle?

Lemons are full of hundreds of citric acid enzymes which support your liver and your liver is your main fat burning and detox (cleanse) organ. Another added benefit? Lemons are full of vitamin C which supports collagen in the skin, so this can also help achieve a natural, healthy glow.   Your new habit to start this week? Go grab your water and then grab some lemons and squeeze, squeeze, squeeze!