I love being inspired and I love inspiring others. I really believe that we come into this world to serve others through both our God given gifts and our struggles/lessons. What would be the point of going through a struggle or lesson if not to grow and share what we learned with others? That is why I am so inspired by people who OTS and show up authentic about their struggles.

So what is OTS and what does it stand for?

OTS stands for “own that shi_.” or, the cleaner version “own that stuff.”

I looked up the #OTS hashtag and there were hundreds of thousands of posts with that hashtag. I love the powerful meaning behind this idea. People who OTS inspire me to do the same!  They are saying to themselves; “This is a part of me and I will love myself for who I am.” It’s the meaning and theme of Lady Gaga’s (I love her) song, “Born this Way.”

For many celebs it takes great courage to stand for that and reveal their insecurities and own who they are. They may have received backlash or even lost supporters because of it. Regardless, they “owned it” anyway and by doing so they helped others to love themselves and #OTS.

A Few Celebrity Examples who OTS:

Ellen Degeneres (owned) “came out” on national TV in 2007.

Brooke Shields shared (owned) her struggle with postpartum depression in 2005.

Ashley Judd & Owen Wilson (among many others) publicly shared (owned) their struggles with depression.

Demi Lovato shared (owned) her body image disorder and struggles with cutting & bulimia in 2014.

Kim Zolciak of Real Housewives of Atlanta- shared (owned) her collection of wigs and proclaimed; “fake hair don’t care”

Shania Twain- shared (owned) her story on being a recluse and suffering with depression after she discovered that her husband was having an affair with her best friend.

There is power in “owning that..shtuff!” You empower yourself AND others by basically declaring “this is a part of me, and I will love all of me.” Even though it may only be one part,..it is still part of “the sum of all parts” that makes us who we are. We are all Unique, and Perfectly imperfect.

I have struggled with depression and anxiety throughout my adult years. I have learned to #OTS and value that I can help others through the lessons I have learned from the countless hours of research, the trials and errors, and the healthy habits that I have found to be helpful. There have been times when I hid my struggle and chose not to share it with others. I have found that when I share it and can help someone else in some way, I feel powerful and all of the hardship serves a purpose… to provide value to others.

Bottom line, in order to live peacefully and joyfully during our short time on earth, we have to love ALL of ourselves! We can’t only love certain parts and reject others. To be clear, I am not saying that if there is a part of you that does not serve you that you shouldn’t work on it. I am just saying that there is power in owning the stuff that you have struggled with and/or still struggle with.

Or, in Ellen’s case, she may or may not have struggled with being gay at some point in her life (I don’t know, maybe she did) but still, she owned it and came out on TV and made history for doing so and inspired many other people to also embrace who they are.

So, when you feel inadequate, or beat yourself up about the quirks or idiosyncrasies or struggles that you deal with, remember to turn that around and OWN THAT STUFF!!! Own it, work on it, struggle with it, learn from it, accept it, share it (if you feel so brave) and most importantly, LOVE YOURSELF…LOVE ALL PARTS OF YOURSELF!!!!!